Home decor

Hi guys, I have got some news for you. Recently I was thinking about changing and adding some new furniture and decor for my home. I decided to focus on my living-room first, actually just one side of it. It was empty and I wasn't happy with it so I decided to fill it a... Continue Reading →

Mascara Monday

Hello, and welcome to a new, lovely, and fresh week, everyone. It's Monday so I decided to start a new series on my blog "Mascara Monday" - I am going to review the new mascara every Monday from now on. This first post it's going to be about Kat von D "Go Big or Go... Continue Reading →

My first NAKD collaboration

Hello guys I am so excited to share my first collaboration with NAKD fashion. It was amazing and really fun, from choosing my outfits to taking photos and editing. NAKD is one of my favorite companies I've been working with, from the best crew to the most amazing and quality pieces, here is some of... Continue Reading →

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