Home decor

Hi guys, I have got some news for you. Recently I was thinking about changing and adding some new furniture and decor for my home. I decided to focus on my living-room first, actually just one side of it. It was empty and I wasn’t happy with it so I decided to fill it a little. All of my inspiration came from Pinterest that I am using for years at this point. My goal was to make it as aesthetic and cozy as possible. I’ve been searching for furniture for some time now… driving all over the city to find the perfect fit for my home, and guess what – I did! I found a beautiful little Faux Fur rug which I instantly bought and drove home. After that, my friend and I went to another store to look for some small coffee table or something of that kind and we found these.


Slowly it started to look like something and I came up with an even better idea than I had before. At this point, I realized how good it would look like if there were two chairs besides these little tables. So we went chair-hunting and found two “anthracite velvet” chairs. I liked them, so I decided to buy them and bring them home. After looking and trying different combinations I eventually found one that I love and left it like that. All that was missing right now was some creativity and decor so that’s exactly what I did.

Some of these pictures you can also find on my Instagram Profile “Jenny.x777“, hope you like this post and find it interesting as I do. Bye 👋

xoxo Jenny ❤

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