Edit With Me – How I edit my photos

Hey guys! Did you ever wonder how people on Instagram take that perfect picture? How do they make it look so good? Well.. I’ll tell you right now. It’s all about Edit. It’s safe to say that Edit is one of the most important things you want to do before you post anything on your page. If you know what apps to use and also how to use them – you can make that “perfection” too! 

I’ve been on Instagram and other similar platforms for some time now, which means that I learned and caught a few tricks here and there. I will take you thru some apps which I use the most and explain them a tiny little bit. I’ll show you how truly powerful Edit can be. 

Let’s take you thru some basics first. 

FaceTune II – App which always finds a way to make itself useful, I’m using facetune to retouch my pics. For example: if I’m wearing any jewelry I use this app to make it look more detailed and nicer.

VSCO – This is the best app you can get if you’re interested in some real filters. There is a filter for every picture you can take. I’m personally using it for years and it has never disappointed me. 

AirBrush – Let’s say you took your perfect picture, but this one pimple on your cheek just ruins it… Use this app to remove it! Here you can do whatever you want to your nose, lips, or basically any other part of your body. (Clean, reshape, and many other features)

Lightroom – this app is the most powerful of all. I use this app if I want my picture to look highly professional. If I’m editing the picture I made for Collaboration, I’m using this app. Highly recommended! 

Try to combine these apps. Edit one photo in all of these Programs. The practice is everything in this case! Do it as often as you can. To me, edit became something I relax and enjoy in. 

Down below will be some pictures before and after my edits!

Check out more at: Jenny.x777

Thanks for following, have a great day!

Love, Jenny xoxo ❤

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